100% Free Online Dating Sites: Tips And Cautions

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Sites like Loveawake, plenty of fish and Craigslist are full of freaky trawlers and “regulars” who hang out on the forums.

These guys are half serious about a relationship, it’s like they have resigned to the fact that they are do dam weird or hard to get along with.

But there are some genuinely good and harmless singles on free dating sites and it’s your job to find em. The majority of the users on free dating sites are going to be 35+ men… that’s just how it goes. So as a result the competition for female attention is ‘stiff’.

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Don’t feel rejected or down if you are not receiving emails back from women within these sites.

She might not have even opened your email! It may have gotten lost in the mail as it were. It’s so easy to quickly once over a profile and shoot out a quick “hi” that many emails go unread.

A women online has options and unless you are going to stand out from the crowd you’re going to need to send out a few more emails than you think. Unless you are actually in her age range and have something going for you in which case you shouldn’t have to much trouble.

Sites like oasis active actually let you know when users are viewing your profile so if a girl was online and they get a notification that you just started viewing you online… next second they receive and email from you saying

hi , i was reading your profile and i think we have alot in common , wanna hang out?

Do you really think she is going to believe that you read her profile and actually give a shit about the fact that she loves to read books and horse ride?

You have to put a little thought into it and have a genuine interest in the singles that you are emailing while still playing the numbers game.

Yes it might take a little more time to set up that first date but hey you’re on a free dating site so you have as long as it takes.

Women have great bullshit radars and if your into playing games and talking shit I hope for her sake she spots it.

Oasis active is more of a social dating site like that of myspace. Driven by younger singles sharing pictures and chatting online about hobbies etc. Oasis active is not a super serious site like RSVP (another big dating site in Australia)

Unfortunately free dating sites like Craigslist cannot control user stupidity. Young girls and guys can easily sign up with fake profiles and chat online so take caution and stay safe when you meet offline.

The fact is many teens are sexually active around 17-18 but often times much earlier (15-16). If they are not sexually active they are thinking about it and oasis active and plenty of fish are outlets to get to know other singles.

Using online dating sites when you are under 18 poses massive risks as far as your safety offline. When you look at the stats of user use 40+ men are the MAJORITY. So yes free dating sites are full of young singles but MOST of the users are alot older and should be completely screened out of your profile views.

Free dating sites are full of good bad and ugly profiles just like in the real world so it pays to be cautious especially if you are stupid enough to try the sites underage.